As The Software Testing World Turns

Stories from the world of Software Quality Assurance Testing


There are plenty of QA sites and blogs out there that talk about the theory of how the Quality Assurance world should work but I like the war stories. War stories are what happen when you try to put the theory into practice. It can go in twists and turns that you never expected but that’s what makes life interesting.  My blog title is a gentle poke at the soap opera of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process and the personalities that give it spice and character.

It also refers to those times when you feel like the cycles of pushing out releases and patches are spinning out of control and you just wish you could pull the brake to catch your breath.  The only way to get ahead of the curve is to find ways to improve each time you go around the SDLC and build continuous improvement into the process so you don’t get that terrible feeling of deja vu.  There is nothing that demotivates a team more that feeling like the team is locked into repeating the same ol’ mistakes.  If we forget our war stories, we are destined to relive them! 

I started in the software testing field back in 1996 when I accepted a 3 month contract and ended up staying with the company for 3 years.  I didn’t mean to begin a new career when I started out but I have never regretted this rich and rewarding experience.  It has been frustrating at times, exhausting and stressful on occasion but never boring and I learn something new every day!

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